Lake Wanaka

New Zealand

Upon arriving in New Zealand you will immediately be embraced and inspired by its majestic beauty.  Learn about the rich culture of the indigenous people (Māori) by joining an organized tour through tribal grounds (marae) and enjoy a hāngī feast cooked in earth ovens.  New Zealand excels in high spirited and awe-inspired adventures from skydiving to abseiling deep into caves, glacier treks, zipline and excursions to the spectacular site of Hobbiton. 



In the heart of the South Pacific, these tropical islands are the home of happiness. Fijians epitomize the Bula spirit, always warm, welcoming and ready to share intimate stories, cultural details, and culinary delicacies. Explore National Parks and Marine Sanctuaries, take an easy swim off a white sand beach or a boat ride to the outer reef and discover why Fiji is dubbed the “Soft coral capital of the world”. Fijian warmth make it an ideal destination for the entire family.

Lanakai Beach Oahu


Hawai’i is a string of emerald islands each with its own distinct personality. The islands offer picture-perfect beaches, cascading waterfalls, active volcanoes and tropical rainforests. From the moment you arrive, the breathtaking natural beauty refreshes you. Hawai’i invites you to explore and discover the vacation of your dreams.